Benjamin K. Tomlinson

Sheridawn R. Peden

Coming to us a Graduate Public Health Professional, Sheridawn, “Sherry” supports the our palate vision as an Administrative Specialist. Sherry organizes events for the Nspire Movement, runs email campaigns and has effectively designed an infrastructure for standardizing all Our Palate documentation. By age 30, She plans to obtain her Doctoral Degree in Bioethics and Healthcare Policy. With her knowledge and comprehensive experience she will study the impact of Religion on both Culture and Public Health within the Black Community.

“We must take full advantage of the monumental moment in history right now, simply by changing where we choose to spend money.”

Camille S. Atlan

Coming to the team as our Logistics Coordinator is Camille Atlan. As a super busy Master’s student at Georgia State University, Camille has still been an extremely supportive role in building our palate. She compiles structured lists of which Black Owned businesses to explore next. She also sets up the best routes to take when we navigate though the city limits of Atlanta to connect with business owners, making sure we reach as many businesses as efficiently as possible.

“Right now, there isn’t a dependable source available for people to seek out and learn about people of color who are building great businesses, selling great products. OurPalate serves as a useful source that everyone can use to change that.” — Camille.

Her role model is Michelle Obama. She has future aspirations to learn more about noncommunicable autoimmune diseases like Crohn’s Disease, and find ways to save countless more lives through medicine.

Kayla C. Anderson

Well poised and passionate about her community, Kayla pours into the pot as a Media/Brand Ambassador. With her experience working in marketing and equipped with an abundant supply of sage, she always provides the team with a jovial, yet peaceful spirit.