The Race for the e-SUV

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Last October, I wrote a letter to the CEO of General Motors, Mary Barra. This letter was a simple observation of her recent efforts and visions for the next generation of automobiles. “Zero Crashes, Zero Emissions, Zero Congestion.” is a slogan that is taking form across the automobile market as companies release concepts for their new models. Porsche, Tesla Motors, Hyundai, even Toyota released a fully functional Fuel Cell Powered Vehicle (The Toyota Mirai). However, the movement does not stop there.

General Motors is rumored to unveil (possibly) two new, but familiar vehicles. An electric Camaro CUV and a Buick All-Electric SUV. The concept work looks astonishing, the thrill of the expectations, even more exciting. Take a look at both of them here!

e-Buick and Camaro CUV

My question is: “What does all of this do for the automobile industry? How does innovation such as this affect the market and the culture? Most grease monkeys argue that the culture is most important. At the same time, EV Enthusiasts argue that Electric outperforms Gasoline against any odds. There is clearly a divide on this matter that will be discussed further, next week.

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Tech Tuesdays

Dear Readers

I am pleased to announce, a new series that I am getting off the ground.

It will hold the title of …

“Tech Tuesdays”

As a tech enthusiast, I always aim to keep up with the latest and greatest that technology has to offer. I am an avid follower of automotive manufacturers and any organization that supports the “Alternative Energy” Movement.

As we observe from afar (or up close) the various solutions that are emerging in this new world, it is always exciting to see who can keep up with the newest toys on the block.

I hope to be your literary gateway to a world of new information every Tuesday (or every other Tuesday, haven’t decided yet).

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The 5 Flavors of Life

Life can be Plain, Salty, Sweet, Spicy or Bitter……..


When it is bitter, liven it up with some spice,

If it is salty, salt makes wounds even worse, take a breather, be basic for a while, calm yourself down, meditate, cancel your weekend plans and spend some “me” time to recenter yourself.

When it is sweet, enjoy it, life is filled with peaks and troughs, prosperity and poverty. Savor the moments of bliss, sweetness, and success. Never forget that happiness may come and go, but true joy can never be replaced or taken away (it’s all up to you).

When it is plain, accept it, learn to love it and cherish it. It’s not every day you get to do nothing. Take a nap, meditate for an hour, pray, pat yourself on the back (literally). Plain paper has never gone out of style, it has always been the perfect representation of a blank slate, a fresh canvas to begin new ideas, creations, and visions.

A little extra seasoning never hurt anyone but too much “spicy” can cause things to explode. Be careful with risk-taking,  while it is okay and sometimes necessary to take risks, always be cognizant.

I leave you with this quote:

“If life were predictable, it would cease to be life, and be without flavor.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

As you begin and end your days, always strive to be grateful, be mindful, be kind and have flavor.


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Super-Sonic-Tesla Restaurants?

According to a tweet I stumbled upon:

Tesla aims to open a drive-in, old school “Sonic Drive-In Themed” supercharging station!

Recent reports have quoted Tesla CEO Elon Musk on twitter saying “Gonna put an old-school drive-in, roller skates & rock restaurant at one of the new Tesla Supercharger locations in LA.” 

“He even said that the menu could automatically show up on the center touchscreen of the cars after they park and drivers can order from there.”Fred Lambert

Such a peculiar, yet an instrinsic idea. My original speculation was for Tesla to adopt the “QT Kitchens” Model and start building supercharging stations with small food counters attached to them. Musk’s tweet shows another side of creativity and innovation. In my eyes, he’s seeking to create a hub for Tesla Owners to collaborate, to affiliate with each other, and ultimately to proliferate. I imagine an outdoor Apple Store with an abundance of very expensive, but appealing technological specimens sitting around while their owners are brought food by servers on roller blades. This has so many similarities with the McDonald’s origin story that started about eighty miles east of Santa Monica in San Bernardino.

My question to you readers: do you see a world in the next few decades where you can go to a “Tesla Hub” and have freshly made burgers brought to you while you watch a movie inside your car on the dashboard screen? Even if you don’t own a Tesla, you can come to marvel at the variations of the Tesla Line up, take a few photos with your vintage Instagram filter(s) or network with Tesla Enthusiasts (this is probably what I would do).

What would this do to the food market industry? Would this change it at all? Or would the change be geared toward cinematic entertainment?

Read more from the article here and please comment, like or share.

P.S. if you have not watched the movie “The Founder” please do. It is a great film that accurately portrays the origin story of McDonald’s.

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Image Taken from @FredLambert’s twitter article.

Graphene: The Tiny Giant

I am delighted whenever I read articles or watch crash course videos about the material known as Graphene: basically Graphite on “anti-steroids.”

This material has properties that have both quantitative and qualitative benefits. Its charging capacity, its power density, its robust build. I may not know much about this material quite yet, but I will indeed continue to study it. I am even more excited for the near future that awaits me. Entering a lab to work every day to find innovative solutions like this. There are many critics who are against the alternatives to energy storage and different energy applications. Others discredit any new way to advance the peripheral technologies of, say hybrid vehicles, fuel cell electric vehicles, maglev trains, or even remote controlled rockets. (Creds to Elon Musk’s recent achievements)

I say this: I will never stop learning how I can contribute to changing the world. I believe graphene is the key to a door that leads to other doors. I am confident that the keys to future are what they have always been: creativity, positivity, passion and not listening to everyone else (among many others). Hold on future, here I come.

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