Tech Tuesdays: Spinning Solar Modules

Dear readers.

I will be honest, this week will be short, but to the point.

I stumbled upon a Facebook post from what I assume is another fellow Tech Fiend: Mr. David Wolfe. It highlights Spinning Solar Cells. I am honestly ecstatic because as a solar energy supporter, I am glad that there are alternatives to this alternative (I hope you caught that reference).

With intermittency (and of course infrastructure) being the main roadblock, these spinning cells can evenly distribute the energy from sun across the entire array as well as alleviate the device from thermal inefficiencies. I have heard of rotation cells before, but am glad to see it again in action.

To my skeptics, what would you say about this? Do you still doubt the advancements of solar energy? According to some recent reports, coal is certainly taking a hit, which opens an opportunity to invest in this “energy teenager.”

Read about David Wolfe’s video here.

Thanks for reading




(As a believer of accountability and prose, all graphics and content have been properly sourced in the above passage.)

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