Tech Tuesdays: Electric School Buses

California is at it again. This time, their new toy is a familiar one that we all know from childhood, The School Bus.

While many companies have been tampering with this innovation, Two, in particular, have taken the biggest step so far. The Lion Electric Co., based in Quebec and Pennsylvania has partnered with First Priority Green Fleet out of California to get ahead of the game on this venture. Together, they are working on electric buses that can range from 55 – 94 miles per charge, not nearly as much as the famed Tesla Model 3 (Lambert). However, considering the application, these specifications are not so bad for early development. “Their routes are generally relatively short and they are often parked for long periods of time as they are not used as intensively as urban transit buses or coaches, which gives them opportunities to charge.” says Electrek Editor-in-Chief, Frederic Lambert.

America’s very own Proterra Company and other companies in China have apparently reached several benchmarks with Electric Buses so there is indeed tangible evidence that bus electrification can be a success. As an EV Enthusiast, my vote is definitely cast in favor of their support, but what about the critics?

There is always the argument of “is switching to Electric worth it?”. Charging stations would need to be installed either on school premises or in the bus yard, which creates an infrastructure problem — the main inhibitor of automobile electrification. Some people went further to argue that implementing an all-electric infrastructure to support electric railroads would also be a feat to overcome. With all this said, I’m curious what can be done further to address these concerns.

What is your opinion? Do you believe that there exists a bright future for Electric Buses? Will our children experience a “rechargeable ride” in a Tesla-Brand School bus to and from school one day? (A very biased, hypothetical presumption, I know).

Share your thoughts and read more about this initiative here.

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(As a believer of accountability and prose, all graphics and content have been properly sourced in the above passage.)

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