The Race for the e-SUV

(I am aware that it is not Tuesday, but I hope all enjoy the read.)

Last October, I wrote a letter to the CEO of General Motors, Mary Barra. This letter was a simple observation of her recent efforts and visions for the next generation of automobiles. “Zero Crashes, Zero Emissions, Zero Congestion.” is a slogan that is taking form across the automobile market as companies release concepts for their new models. Porsche, Tesla Motors, Hyundai, even Toyota released a fully functional Fuel Cell Powered Vehicle (The Toyota Mirai). However, the movement does not stop there.

General Motors is rumored to unveil (possibly) two new, but familiar vehicles. An electric Camaro CUV and a Buick All-Electric SUV. The concept work looks astonishing, the thrill of the expectations, even more exciting. Take a look at both of them here!

e-Buick and Camaro CUV

My question is: “What does all of this do for the automobile industry? How does innovation such as this affect the market and the culture? Most grease monkeys argue that the culture is most important. At the same time, EV Enthusiasts argue that Electric outperforms Gasoline against any odds. There is clearly a divide on this matter that will be discussed further, next week.

In the meantime, enjoy the articles listed above.


Thanks for Reading.


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