Graphene: The Tiny Giant

I am delighted whenever I read articles or watch crash course videos about the material known as Graphene: basically Graphite on “anti-steroids.”

This material has properties that have both quantitative and qualitative benefits. Its charging capacity, its power density, its robust build. I may not know much about this material quite yet, but I will indeed continue to study it. I am even more excited for the near future that awaits me. Entering a lab to work every day to find innovative solutions like this. There are many critics who are against the alternatives to energy storage and different energy applications. Others discredit any new way to advance the peripheral technologies of, say hybrid vehicles, fuel cell electric vehicles, maglev trains, or even remote controlled rockets. (Creds to Elon Musk’s recent achievements)

I say this: I will never stop learning how I can contribute to changing the world. I believe graphene is the key to a door that leads to other doors. I am confident that the keys to future are what they have always been: creativity, positivity, passion and not listening to everyone else (among many others). Hold on future, here I come.

Thanks for Reading — BKT

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