Cars of the Future: The Battery and the Fuel Cell

Can this be true? A new age hybrid? Fuel Cell Meets Battery Electic?


After reading the words Rob Stumpf in his article regarding the recent advancements of the Tesla models, known as “Project Hesla”, I shivered with excitement. Apparently, there are rumors, or even concepts already being produced that combine the electrical energy of a battery pack with a hydrogen fuel cell.

Of course, to an engineer, the combined power and range of these two new-age alternative energy sources sets the bar skyrocketing to almost double what it is now for the average Tesla Model S — over 600 miles of range. However, to an average consumer, with great power comes great responsibility (literally, in this case). With such a combined increase of materials and energy sources, the price suffers as it increases tremendously “upwards of $205,000 when combined…”, says Stumpf.

Your typical Tesla P100D would already be in the range of a six-figure salary. Add two more salaries on to that and unfortunately, this puts the price of this mysterious new-age car completely out of range for the masses.

My questions to the reader: Can this be true? If it is indeed true to combine FCEVs with BEVs, can we then proceed to lower R&D costs, and ultimately final product costs? Do you see a world where cars run sustainable energy and are you willing to propel society into that era? (Meanwhile, Toyota makes claims that FCEVs will be as cheap as Hybrids by 2025. Can they do it?)


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