Time – 25%

Energy – 18%

Money – 20%

Patience – 9%

Understanding – 14%

Relevance – 14%

Over the past 21 years of my young life (that I can remember), I have come to a realization that my tempur is everything. My tempur can make or break my day, or someone else’s day. My tempur is what determines how efficiently I can carry out a responsibility or fulfill a duty. My tempur is not the typical “temper” you may be thinking of. It stands for something, six “somethings” to be exact. I am very well aware that I am a busy person. I believe in hard work because it pays off. However, I also know that leisure is arguably more important depending on the circumstance. Therefore, I devised a construct that will gauge when, how and even where I place my focus on the many aspects of my life.

I have realized that the older and more mature you get, the more strategic you must be in order to reach your goals. I see myself one day obtaining my PhD in Engineering Science, becoming certified as a Black Belt in Six Sigma, being inducted as an official LSAMP Scholar and acquiring my Professional Engineering license. All of these things are vital to me reaching what I perceive as success in the next few chapters of my life.

This TEMPUR method has proven useful on many occasions. It is even a good way to re-evaluate past decisions. With my mind constantly processing dates and times for meetings and deadlines for assignments, I often find myself making decisions too quickly without much thought, which would otherwise have been made more carefully if I controlled my TEMPUR.

The strategy is simple. I, for example, weigh “time” and “money” very heavily compared to the other 4 components because I know that I am not as financially stable due to my main focus being school. I also am aware, as anyone else, that time  and  money share a peculiar commonality.

As you go through life, you begin to realize that there are governing aspects to everything. They may be explicitly expressed laws and ordinances. However, they may also be simple, proverbial values and standards that really help you manage yourself as a person. Take the time to know how much energy you have allocated to the obligations in your life, on a daily basis. Take a few minutes for a few days to play around with a strict, but feasible budget so that you control your finances and not let them control you. Dedicate just five minutes to pray or meditate (depending on your religious preference) every morning and maybe fifteen minutes to recap, and recenter yourself each evening before bed. Be cognizant that not everything will make perfect sense to you, neither will it be relevant enough for you to try and wrap your head around it. People may come and go, issues will arise and go away, opportunities will present themselves and may also pass you by. If you always gauge your motives, thoughts, and actions around these aspects, you now possess a set of tools that can aid in fixing, alleviating and conquering the trials and tribulations you face in life.

In case you have not noticed, I practice these things listed above. I make sure to meditate morning and night. I ask myself if what I can do is affordable, relevant or makes sense to carry out. I have lost friends. I have been forced to hold 4 jobs just make rent every month while being a full-time student. I have endured many days where I did not sleep the night before. I have been driven close to a point of breaking down and giving up, but the time I take to re-center my self every night is worthwhile. Knowing if I have the mental capacity to endure something is always reassuring, even when I decided to push myself. I control my finances down to the penny and think multiple times before making huge decisions.

Time | Energy | Money | Patience | Understanding | Relevance 

A true smart individual not only knows to make the correct decisions but knows when and when not to make them. These 6 key concepts are meant to keep you calm cool and collected as you progress and matriculate in this journey we call life. Your goals and dreams of conquering the future and changing the world will not come easy and the road will certainly get rocky, but re-centering yourself can keep you confident in knowing that you can accomplish anything you put my mind to.

I make this challenge to you dear reader. Be cognizant, be patient, be responsible and be great.


Thanks for reading — BKT



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