A Letter to Mary Barra

To Mary Barra – CEO of General Motors LLC

My name is Benjamin Tomlinson. I am a Junior Electrical Engineering student at Kennesaw State University. I had the honor and privilege of interning at General Motors this past summer at Pontiac Metal Fabrication Center.

I must say, after reading your recent article describing the new vision that General Motors is implementing, I lit up with excitement. Since childhood, I have always been my passionate about discovering new methods for how the world utilizes energy. My studies in school have all encompassed topics like sustainable transport, alternative energy and more importantly, efficient use of alternative energy. I completely agree with your initiative to reach a point where there are “Zero Crashes, Zero Emissions and Zero Congestion.” Those words speak volumes and are considerably motivating to me as an aspiring engineer. During my time at GM I learned so much about the current generation of GM employees as well as the previous generations that have been paving the way for the automotive industry for decades. From the production of the EV1, to the development of the navigation systems for the Apollo Moon Program. The versatility and depth of the company that you lead is truly a spectacle.

I never received the opportunity to meet you while in Michigan, but I wish that I had. From afar, I still admire your leadership in the corporate sector, your expertise in business and supply chain management and your message to the world about a revolutionary, energy efficient automotive industry. (I also couldn’t help but notice that you were an EE major like myself.)

Though I was far away from HQ at a Stamping Plant, I still received proper training on safety and hazard communication. Though the plant has been running since the 70s the engineers and die makers on the floor all treated the facility as if it is still brand new. It was clear that the core values of the company spread far and wide from the Ren Center to Lansing, Ohio.

I have done my fair share of homework on General Motors since working there. The ingenuity in design, the consistency in product development and the tenacity to stay ahead of the industry have solidified my allegiance to this corporation’s core values and goals.

My number one motivation for getting into the industry is to develop new and effective system that will eradicate the burden of traffic, horrendous accidents and harmful pollutants. I envision a road system with smart roads that interact with vehicles on the road in order to improve traffic flow. I envision a more sophisticated supercharger network across the nation for all car companies. I envision a world where safety is not so hard to achieve and efficiency is not so easy to bypass.

Going forward, I hope to be of benefit to your company one day, whether in a technical role or a leadership position. I hope to work under the leadership of Pamela Fletcher: VP of Global Electric Vehicle Programs. I hope to directly contribute to the advancements of battery technology and vehicle automation. I hope to be a part of a revolution in the automotive industry that will last for centuries, just as it has since the days of Henry Ford.

Again, I appreciate your leadership, your creativity and your transparency. May you have good fortune in your future endeavors. I look forward to more of what the company has to bring the table. The articles and newsletters are always are good read.

Kind Regards

X Benjamin Tomlinson

Benjamin K. Tomlinson

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