The Future is Now

The Future is here !
A technology visionary in one of my favorite movies once said: “The past is history, the present is past, the future is now.”
I am constantly amazed at the new emergencies if tech start ups, tenured corporation and even among my own school mates.
People everywhere can attest to Tesla’s recent ventures with EVs and Gogacactoies. Fewer know of other companies dabbling with Lifi Technology – a recent invention that is proven by some studies to be 100x faster than conventional wifi.
What is Lifi ? A simple combination of LED bulbs and extremely fast modulations that create an incredible array of applications for data transfer and wireless communication. THis can even be implemented using solar cells, how neat.
I could go into extensive detail or direct you to these two videos that give an excellent visual representation of how Li-Fi works.
Professor Harold Haas gave a Ted Talk on his invention.
Another video breaks down the actual mechanics of the process and gives a few pros and cons.
Elon Musk – CEO of Tesla Motors expressed that it is impossible for Tesla to build electric cars fast enough to address the carbon crisis.” in a Forbes Magazine article in 2014. I can only respect his gesture in encouraging competition. His motives for the sustainable transport movement are unparalleled.
Panasonic, the age old battery maker has truly peaked my interest, as they have provided clues that they are well on their way to constructing their own Gigafactory and improving technologies on the road.
It is not only apparent but imperative that companies continue this trend. As an Atlanta citizen, I will certainly pledge my time and efforts into to making the streets we drive on are safer, cost efficient, energy efficient, and smarter. That way, our children can embark on even safer field trips. Young teens who decide to be adventurous on the road always have a security measure monitoring their driving conditions.
There are endless possibilities that renewable energy has to offer. I truly hope that more investors, corporations and bright minds lend their time and effort into this movement.
Would you agree?
Share your thoughts and thanks for reading

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