My First Mobile Post

Good Evening all.
I thought I would post my first blog from my cellular device.

I’m tempted to make it a topic about mobile devices but, I will choose to turn the tide.

A more prevelant question, I believe, is upon us.
That is: Electric Motor? Or Petrol Engine?

Since they’re recent re-birth, electric cars have been quicker than Petrol Cars with instant torque. Some are even much more safer. EV’s are becoming more popular, efficient and cheaper. 

So the question is, given your knowledge , what do you think about the battle of the vehicles? Expert or novice, it doesn’t matter. I encourage all to offer any thoughts they have.

Do you see yourself conforming to an electric society? Or standing your ground and looking for ways to improve our age old classic gasoline guzzling friends we know and love?
Thanks for reading.

4 thoughts on “My First Mobile Post

  1. My concern would be battery longevity, and battery tech progression. That seems to be the #1 thing holding electric back. That and current cost. In my non expert opinion.

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    1. That exactly my concern as well as a few economic reasons. According to PragerU, there are quite a few stipulations with the emissions and costs of EV’s vs Petrol Engines. Check the link–>
      Some argue that not only may EV’s be more expensive in the long run, the may even be more harmful to the environment.

      This shocked me and honestly had an effect on my devotion to the Electric Car movement, until I realized the ultimate solution. Solar Power is an incredible source of energy. I am hoping that even with battery issues still prevailing, solar power would surely decrease the costs of battery production (which consumes fossil fuels) and other components produced with conventional oil and natural gas sources.

      Basically..the sun is the key. That’s my stance.


  2. I’m on the fence. My concern is cost. In retrospect it would be cheaper to keep an EV because you wouldn’t have to worry about gas prices but then there is the concern with higher cost if something were to go wrong with the car

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    1. You have a valid point. Luckily EV giants like Tesla open source their patents to encourage competition and potentially lower priced vehicles. Quite frankly, just as when the Model T first came out, you are very unlikely to find a used EV for less than $25,000 ( I could be wrong). They are a new breed of transportation so I would say give it time. However, I do believe it is a valuable investment. The more users that buy them, the more knowledge will be learned about them and the more companies will compete to improve them. A simple snowball effect.


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